Are Walk-In Chiropractic Adjustments Dangerous?

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Walk-in chiropractic adjustments aren’t for everybody.

Walk-in chiropractic adjustments are for the very few people who do not suffer from any form of spine malformation.

Chiropractic adjustments are a wonderful way to keep the most important system in your body – your nervous system – working at its best and keep your immune system and body feeling great. Being able to pop in for an adjustment is a huge convenience to your lifestyle and we understand that! However, the hard fact is that the many popular walk-in chiropractic clinics are not considering your overall health condition and are doing something potentially very dangerous.

The offer of walk-in adjustments means that the doctor is ready to start “cracking” anyone who walks in off the street! Would you give someone you don’t know a specific supplement? Suggest what type of shampoo to use? You wouldn’t…

The thing is is that doctors are trained experts in a specialized field. Why wouldn’t a chiropractic doctor want to know if you have bone spurs developing, suffer from mild scoliosis, or have a bone length discrepancy? These doctors don’t know, and they probably don’t ask, nor do they perform sufficient diagnostics, such as take X-rays.

The truth is, walk-ins don’t consider the state of your spine!

The number of chiropractic doctors adjusting patients whom they have just met is alarming. When was the last time a chiropractic doctor asked you for X-rays? You’ve likely never been asked or even thought to bring them. You may not even be aware that X-rays are incredibly helpful for chiropractic doctors! It objectively tells you if you are receiving the right type of treatment for your condition.

We don’t want you to be patients (for long).

Many patients at chiroFX have fortunately found Dr. Minors at chiroFX after many trial-and-errors with other healthcare providers, including other chiropractic clinics. No matter how many times they were going for an adjustment, their neck or back pain still persisted. Walk-in chiropractic clinics offer immediate relief with no investment in your long-term health. Patients that come to chiroFX have a treatment start date and a treatment end date. Our goal is to get you back to your tip top shape and to keep you there. We do not want you to be permanent pain relief patients.

The right doctor makes all the difference.

At chiroFX, we regularly check in with you regarding your health condition status and adjust accordingly. Some patients respond really well to adjustment-only treatment while others may need a more comprehensive treatment plan, which may include spinal decompression, massage therapy, or ARP therapy. Most patients achieve long term health improvements in under 3 months!

Just because the chiropractic doctor you’ve been seeing hasn’t asked to see your X-rays doesn’t mean they are a bad doctor – they just don’t know what they’re working with. They simply treat you like they treat everyone else: “just go through the motions and you’ll be in and out in 10 minutes.” At chiroFX, your visits are quick and easy, but not until Dr. Minors and his team perform a thorough evaluation, take in-house X-rays and design your personalized treatment plan. That means no complicated referrals, involving other doctors, and going to multiple locations. It’s your one-stop-shop for full body health.

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