Check These Quick Facts About The McKenzie Method

The McKenzie Method of exercise is known to many people, but most of them don’t know much about the program. It is usually believed that the therapy involves doing a set of exercises to deal with back pain or neck pain, but there’s more to the treatment. Here are some of the quick facts worth knowing.

1. The McKenzie Method was developed by a physiotherapist from New Zealand named Robin McKenzie. With decades of practice, he noticed that positioning the spine in certain poses could offer benefit and relief to some patients and can improve a patients ability to function with less pain.

2.This method is considered diagnostic and therapeutic. Performing a specific exercise, statically or repetitively, can tell you if there is possible disc involvement (diagnostic) and if your sciatic pain can be centralized to only your low back (therapeutic).

3. Unlike many of the other alternative forms of treatment for back pain, this one doesn’t involve using needles or medicine. Instead, the therapist will help and guide the patient towards self-healing, which will eventually lead to relief from pain and discomfort.

4. Most medical treatments focus on using medicines and alternative therapies for offering back pain relief, but the McKenzie Method works for the long term goal of healing and managing pain at a personal level. For the same, patients are given a set of exercises and other strategies, so that they can return to normal activities as soon as possible.

5. It is important to understand that a therapist has to decide whether the McKenzie Method works for a patient. The same exercise doesn’t work with all patients. The whole idea is to centralize the pain from extremities like legs and arms to the low back or neck. There may be 4 or 5 different exercises that your doctor will try. They are usually dispensed one at a time that you perform at home and then report to the doctor a later date about your success.

6. It depends on the expertise of the therapist to decide if the McKenzie Method is appropriate for you. For patients dealing with facet joint osteoarthritis and other kinds of conditions, extending the spine may impact their pain and discomfort even more, and therefore, it is important to talk to an expert before considering the option. At chiroFx, we are committed to offering relief and assistance with McKenzie Method, and we also have a whole range of other alternative treatment for patients, who cannot be treated with this therapy.

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