Things You Should Know About ARPWave Therapy

Accelerated Recovery Performance or ARP therapy is one of the best options for patients who are looking for quick recovery from acute and chronic injuries. The ARPWave device is approved by the FDA and it allows patients to return to work and daily activities in a short span. In this post, we will guide you through the basics of ARPWave.

The Quick Fact Sheet

All injuries are caused by the body’s inability to absorb force. For example, when athletes become fatigued, their muscles shorten, limiting their ability to absorb force. ARPWave Therapy keeps muscles relaxed and, therefore able to absorb much more force. Many professional athletes use ARPWave Therapy to warm up before practices and games to increase the ability to absorb force and therefore prevent injury, and using it after practices and games will instantly recover athletes, leaving them feeling fresh without soreness or pain. We work on everyone, regardless of age or occupation. We specialize in accelerating recovery from all muscle injuries, preventing surgery, and post-surgical rehabilitation. In some cases, we can also treat muscle related spinal cord injuries.

In case of an injury, cells in the concerned part of the body are damaged, and there is a shift in the electric charge in that area from positive to a negative polarity. The change in polarity attracts WBCs and allows the healing process to start naturally, but at the same time, the negative charge causes scar tissue to get attached to muscle tissues. This can lead to weakening of the muscles, and eventually, result in joint injury or dysfunction to those that are supported by these muscles. The ARPWave uses electrical current along with patented bio-electrical current to change this condition. With ARPWave therapy, one can expect to see a quick change in the pain and overall discomfort, thanks to the use of both currents along with specific motion and exercise techniques.

What to Expect During Typical Treatment?

ARPWave Therapy sessions can be hard work and will require you to move, so wear comfortable gym clothes. Because we use ARPWave Therapy to find the origin of injury, we are going to be searching your body for hot spots. When ARPWave Therapy is on one of these spots, it has found the electrical disruption that is the root of your problem. This process, in some cases, can be intense. We will ask you to rate the amount of intensity that you feel so that we know where in the body the real problem is. Because ARPWave Therapy sessions can be demanding, we will also ask that you take measures to make sure your body recovers properly. Typically, this means making sure you get a good night’s sleep, eating healthy meals with adequate protein, and avoiding/limiting alcohol consumption. Depending on your situation, we may ask you to increase your protein consumption during treatments.

What Conditions Can ARPWave Therapy Help With:

Anyone in chronic pain. Anyone with arthritis. Anyone who has been told they are bone-on-bone and need joint replacement surgery. Anyone who has had joint replacement surgery and is still not back to activity without pain. Anyone who has had surgery and is still not back to activity without pain. Anyone who has had a spinal cord injury. Anyone who has been told they need spinal fusion surgery. Anyone who has a limited range of motion. Anyone who suffered a knee injury. Anyone who has been told they need surgery. Call us today or visit us to know more. 

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