What Should You Do About That Unexpected Sport Injury – Seek Treatment From A Chiropractor

All athletes are aware of the physical demands involved in their sport of choice, especially sports like baseball, soccer, football, basketball, track and field. With regular training, the athlete will experience and suffer from various aches, pains, sprains and tears, and these can be pretty hard to recover from. If you have an unexpected sports related injury, visiting a chiropractor can help. Chiropractors have been treating professional athletes in all sports for decades now, including at the Olympic level, and they are often involved in the treatment of weekend warriors suffering from similar injuries.

Treating Pain with Chiropractor

Chiropractors use a number of therapies to properly address your condition and get you to recover quickly. This is essential to know for athletes given their common injuries that are related to extreme physical fitness training and sports related activity and competition. Most of the chiropractic techniques are focused on restoring joint function, but initially it is important to reduce pain and inflammation. Also, chiropractors may use hands-on therapies to break down any old or residual scar tissue.

The Treatment Process

Once you have found a reliable chiropractor, you need to make an appointment, during which he or she will ask questions regarding your health, mechanism of injury or injuries related to your complaints and inquire to factors that might be delaying your recovery. He or she will also evaluate the area involved as well as the surrounding area as there might be a compensatory relationship. Depending on the results of the diagnostic tests (ie. X-rays, MRI, CT, blood work), if any, and his or her examination, he or she will then discuss with you your treatment options. Usually, your treatment frequency and options will consist of therapies that best fit your lifestyle and treatment goals. For example, if you are leaving for Europe in 10 days, then your treatment plan might include several therapies on a daily basis to help your recover quickly and enjoy your trip to Europe. Or if you have no timeline but just want to feel better, your treatment plan may consist of one or two therapies once every 2 weeks. It just depends on your treatment goals because your quality of life matters to us.

If you are new to chiropractic care, make sure that you select a reliable clinic. At chiroFX, we work closely athletes to help them with all kinds of sports injuries. In some cases, the treatment might be offered in addition to meds for getting your pain levels under control faster, but usually, we don’t want to rely on medications and surgery. We look forward to helping you. For more information, check our website.

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