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At chiroFX, your wellbeing is out motto. For a number of conditions and chronic back problems, additional diagnostic tests are required. Depending on the patient’s health and condition,Dr. Minors may suggest X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, blood tests and more. Our competent staff and medical team members will explain the need and purpose for each of these tests, should you be interested in finding more.


Dr. Minors often suggests saliva tests for diagnostic purposes, and the reasons are more than many, like –

  1. Lower costs. Salivary tests cost much lower than the serum tests meant for the same purpose. All tests done are coded, and therefore, third party reimbursable. Don’t worry about insurance or Medicare reimbursement anymore.
  2. Easy for all patients. There are no needles, no additional biohazard or other concerns, and gathering samples is as easy as you can think of. We can also offer the choice of home collection on request.
  3. Ideal for testing. More often than not, the patients condition must be tested time and again, and with salivary tests, we get the right results without compromising on science or requirements.

Also, salivary tests are quick, and we expect the results within five working days. If you just want to get the tests done or have been referred by someone, we will be happy to offer a free consultation session with one of our doctors, so that you can understand the results better. Our doctors can offer basic consultation on therapeutic implications, as well. Feel free to check with us for more details – the team of chiroFX is here to help!