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ARP, stands for Accelerated Recovery Performance. ARPWave is a Class 2, FDA-approved device, which allows you to recover faster and return to your life sooner than expected by accelerating the recovery process.

When an injury occurs, the cells in the affected area have a change in electrical charge, moving from positive polarity to negative polarity (acidic). While this is natural and is important for the body to heal itself, by the action of white blood cells and fibroblasts, it is important to disperse the negative charge, because it can cause the scar tissue to attach to the muscle tissues in that area. In the end, scar tissue weakens the muscle, reduces your range of motion and limits the complete process of healing considerably.

ARPWave is basically a “proprietary electrical stimulation modality”, which uses patented bio-electrical current along with electrical current with other techniques and exercises to eccentrically contract the affected muscles.ARPWave is effective in determining the cause of discomfort, pain and limitation, which is often not where the patient thinks it is. ARPWave then uses specificelectrical stimulation and specific movements that involve the injured area, which minimizes discomfort and pain. To conclude, the negative charge of the affected area is reduced, and since the scar tissues are not attached to the working muscles, the recovery process is much quicker.

ARPWave has been approved by the FDA for a number of conditions, such as muscle spasms and increasing/changing range of motion. ARPWave is particularly useful for treating conditions, like

  • Torn ACL injuries
  • Post Surgical Knee Surgery
  • Shoulders like rotator cuff injuries and pain
  • Ankle/foot injuries
  • Hip surgery
  • Tennis injuries

If you are dealing with a sports injury, ARPWave can help. Contact us at chiroFX!