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    Chiropractic Care

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With over twenty-five years of experience, Dr. Minors' chiropractic care proves time and time again to be an invaluable therapy to living your best life. We believe in the restorative power of your body and reject that surgery or pain medications are the only way. For patients who have come to use pain killers or steroid shots to regulate their pain, chiropractic care may be your first step toward a medication-free lifestyle.

At the core, chiropractic care is care that aims to optimize and boost your immune system through promoting a healthy spine. Dr. Minors evaluates how your entire body is working (or in some cases, not working) for you - most people know chiropractic care to be spinal adjustments, and yes, this is correct! There are so many more advantages to maintaining a healthy spine than just getting a few satisfying “cracks” and “pops.” Adjusting your spine not only promotes better biomechanics, healthy spines also serve to provide ample protection for the nerve roots of your nervous system. Adjusting “stuck bones” in your spine allows the nerves to optimally function so your body can perform at its finest!

Look at the diagram below to see some possible symptoms and ailments associated with the malfunction of these areas:


Your skull and spinal cord houses and protects all of the nerves that control your entire body. Therefore, through identifying misplaced vertebrae (what we call subluxations) and addressing these misaligned vertebrae, we can begin the journey to optimizing your body and ultimately, your life. Do not be mistaken, chiropractic care takes the entire picture of your health into consideration!

Chiropractic care provided at chiroFX include the following services and therapies:

  • Spinal adjustments
  • Extremity adjustments
  • Lumbar decompression
  • Cervical decompression
  • SoftWave Tissue Regeneration Technology
  • Posture strapping
  • Health + nutrition coaching
  • Durable medical equipment, supplementation + coaching
  • Bone length study
  • Gait analysis
  • Personalized functional orthotics

This suite of services and therapies has transformed the lives of many of Dr. Minors’ patients and they live pain-free lives.

Dr. Minors identifies which parts of your nervous system are not performing at its best through physical examinations and through inquiring about your ailments, which can include symptoms such as aches and pains, allergies, bowel irregularities, or chronic migraines.