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Do you know the importance of spinal health and chiropractic care? If you do, you’ve come to the right place!

Wellness care at chiroFX is appropriate for people who have gone through the corrective portion of their treatment and are now successfully living pain free! To ensure the longevity of the hard work you’ve put in with regular and consistent therapy, Dr. Minors will discuss the future of your wellness at chiroFX. Wellness treatment plans may look like adjustments every ten to fourteen days (frequency that studies have proven to be most effective), or spinal decompression once a week. Everyone is different! Dr. Minors takes your personal goals into account and creates your own treatment plan that works for YOUR lifestyle!

Dr. Minors’ exams are very thorough and individualist. He does not believe one treatment fits all. He understands how the human body works and suggests a treatment that is best for you as an individual. Dr. Minors is a great communicator and will discuss your situation in detail. As you go through treatments there are checkpoints, feedback and advice along the way. Dr. Minors is a chiropractor, kinesiologist-muscle tester and physical therapist all rolled into one, which is rare to find.

When I originally started treatments, everything in my body ached due to a compressed disc. After four weeks of adjustments, the aches have been eliminated. I’m not finished yet, but my comfort level has improved, and I no longer need ibuprofen.

Because I needed an exercise plan to go along with adjustments, Dr. Minors made a personal YouTube demo of the exercises. This is an undeniable truth that Dr. Minors goes the extra mile.

I highly recommend Dr. Steven Minors at chiroFX located on Westgate Blvd.