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For the uninitiated, cold laser therapy is a known non-invasive procedure, which is used for treating a number of pains and injuries, including ankle sprains, joint pain, knee conditions, plantar fasciitis and more. At chiroFX, we specialize in offering cold laser therapy for patients who refuse to live a life on painkillers and medications. The recovery time is reduced considerably, and it is one of the few treatments for chronic pain and sudden injuries that doesn’t have serious side effects.

How does it work?

Dr. Minors strongly believes that cold laser therapy can work wonders for many pain related disorders, especially when used in conjunction with other therapies. At chiroFX, we use Erchonia cold laser – the best option in business. With a dedicated approach, patients can recover faster and deal with pain better, without being dependent on medication. However, as honest as we always are, we would like to add that cold laser therapy is no magic. It requires frequent sessions to get sustainable relief, especially if the condition is a chronic one.

Contact us for more details

The team of doctors and pain experts at chiroFX aims to share more information on varied alternative forms of pain relief, and cold laser therapy is one of them. Our team will explain the approach and process in detail in the first consultation session, and we will also discuss the other treatment options that are available for your condition. Our aim remains the same – To ensure your wellbeing and reduce pain related conditions, without restoring to drugs and surgeries.

To know more on cold laser therapy, please check with our clinic for an appointment or fill up the form online with relevant queries. Dr. Minors and his team is always around for help!