Dr Steve Minors is a rare find in the patient care world. He’ll take the time to listen and educate on any aspects of treatment and welllness. Dr Minors will also go above and beyond networking with all providers involved in your wellness plan to make sure that the care needed is applied and coordinated. If getting to know what is going on with your body and working to get it better is your goal he’s a great option to come and meet with.

- Daryl B.

After being in the military for 18 years and 6 years on the job at the fire department, I finally had to go see a chiropractor. Dr Minors is not only sensible and scientific with his approach, but he informs you of everything that he's doing and why he's doing. A very down to earth guy, and his staff is always helpful.

- Richard E.

I LOVE Dr. MINORS and his assistant Laura! Dr. Minors is so thorough and kind, and he’s helped fix some major back pain! If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line ATX chiropractor, look no further!

- Lauren B.

Dr. Minors and his team are incredible! They have accurately diagnosed and fixed several chronic issues of mine. Their care is comprehensive, their bedside manner is lovely and their office runs on time / is spotless. I feel very lucky to have found them!

- Emily W.

Dr. Minor and his staff are THE best in Austin. Not only did I receive high quality care, but I also had the best patient advocacy group behind me. Everything was done in an extremely professional and personal level. I needed an MRI and Dr. Minor simply got on the phone, scheduled an MRI the same day, and received the results that night so that I could come back for treatment the following day. They will bend over backward in order to help you get back on track!

- Ryan C.

Dr. Minors is dedicated to his patients. After 3 months under his care I am feeling much better. He takes the time to go over all details of your condition and how to get you to a better place. The office staff is also very accommodating with scheduling and friendly. I will be recommending his office to friends and family who are seeking treatment for back pain.

- Danielle H.

Came in with bad lower back pain. Dr. Minors and crew are professional, responsive and beyond helpful. Dr. Minors quickly crafted a plan of action to lead me to not only reduce my pain but correct the cause. Thank you for being great at your craft.

- Joseph B.

Dr Minors stands out from the crowd. He works to come up with a plan that works for you and doesn’t try to do a one size fits all approach or sell you services you don’t need. He helped me correct a posture imbalance and relieve constant lower back pain. As a bonus, he and his staff are friendly, on time, and easy to work with.

- David K.

Dr Minors is literally the best. I have never felt more cared for and truly listened to by someone in the medical field. He has a very strong attention to detail, he is kind, thoughtful and very considerate of your care and lifestyle while helping navigate recovery. He went above and beyond to make sure my partner was informed and had to opportunity to ask any questions or air concerns. Just incredible. Prior to seeing Dr Minors, I could not sleep due to the pain I was experiencing due to an injury. Since seeing him I have slept well and been able to manage the pain as I recover and rehab without any meds!!! This is huge considering numerous times I had to talk myself out of going to the ER due to the pain. In addition to all this, Laura is also just great. She is always friendly and helpful. I enjoy visiting with her and she’s Johnny on the spot for helping with booking. 10/10 for Dr Minors and his staff.

- William M.

After taking my son to Dr. Minors for lower back pain, we discovered that he is not on our insurance plan. Instead of just letting us go and find another doctor, he met with us several times to make sure that we had a thorough understanding of what was going on with my son. He reviewed the X-rays with us on our second visit. He believed that an MRI would provide us with important additional information, so he ordered it for us. He met with us again to go over the MRI results and provided us with even more information about the issues my son was having. He then referred me to a Chiropractor who was on my insurance plan and who he thought would be a good match for my son. This new doctor was able to call Dr. Minors and review my son's case with him before our first appointment. I appreciate Dr. Minors so much for all the time he spent with us and for being so thorough and detailed in his explanations. I recommend him highly!!

- Charlotte B.

I’ve been in chiropractic care my entire adult life. It wasn’t until I went to Dr. Minors that someone got to the root cause. What I love most about going to him is that he comes up with a true plan with measurable progress and results. Because he has more equipment in his office and takes x-rays and knew to refer me for an MRI, for the first time I have a true diagnosis of my issues and a plan in place that has already turned the trajectory of my health and long-term well-being in a positive direction. I feel like it is enabling me to have a healthier, longer life. Plus, the staff are friendly and professional. I highly recommend Chiro FX.

- Dollitta C.

Dr. Minors is a God-send. He is brilliant, professional, and caring. I’ve never in my life had a doctor care about my whole being and actively work to not just solve my neck, spine, and hand issues, but my hormone issues. He goes above and beyond for his patients, and that’s not an overstatement. His work ethic is solid; his equipment is the best; his staff is accommodating and encouraging, and I’m thankful every day I have Dr. Minors in my corner. You can trust your life in his hands, literally.

- Sasha C.