I no longer have back pain as a result of back decompression and I feel better and younger.

M. Angela Ingram – Vasey - Austin

I was as skeptical as anyone. But… I’ve seen the results (of the decompression treatment program) and they’re favorable for a lot of people.

Dr. Greg Killis – Orthopedic Surgeon

My complaints were persistent low back pain, pain in the left S.I. joint, hip pain and neck pain. His physical examination was more thorough [than] any exam… His skill made me wish I had met him and been under his care for years…. off of pain medication. Compared to surgery, and especially compared to how I would have had to recover from surgery, the pricing was reasonable. It is expensive, but compared to surgery, I find it reasonable.

Jana Morrison - Arizona

In my experience, patients being treated are so comfortable they fall asleep [during the treatment]. The results for neck problems have been even better than the low back. Surgery for the neck is much more difficult and complicated and risky because of the spinal cord in that area. So anything you can do that get patients over their neck pain without an invasive procedure [like surgery] is much better.

Robert Huggins – Neurosurgeon, Columbia Presbyterian Hospital - Dallas

At the end of the treatment, the neck pain of the last 26 years had disappeared. Throughout my treatment, I was very impressed with his commitment to resolving my problem, and not simply treating my symptoms. I feel very fortunate that there is such an excellent alternative to surgery.

Margaret Bennett - Tarrytown

I have been having trouble walking due to a problem in my left leg for 4 to 5 years. I have been to my physician, neurologist, and orthopedic surgeon and had numerous X-rays and MRI, but my problem persists. After six treatments by Dr. Steve Minors the leg problem has improved significantly.

Doyle High – Retired Pharmacist - Retired Pharmacist

Before treatment began I had stopped running entirely and was awakened multiple times at night due to pain in my hip, lower back and knee. By 10 to 12 treatments I began to notice the pain which had been waking me up at night beginning to disappear. The pain in the evening gradually disappeared and I have begun running, without pain. When comparing the IMPACT of surgery on my life versus the IMPACT of spinal decompression, that’s where spinal decompression really shined.

Laurie Weaver – Photographer - South Austin

When I came to chiroFX with severe neck and back pain, it looked like my only option would be surgery to remove four discs and fuse five vertebrae in my neck. After consulting with Dr. Minors, I decided to try non-surgical spinal decompression as an alternative to surgery. The possibility of delaying or even avoiding surgery were well worth the cost. Non-surgical spinal decompression is very comfortable and I started seeing benefits after the first treatment. I have and will continue to recommend chiroFX and non-surgical spinal decompression to people suffering from neck and back pain.

Eric Samuelson - South Austin

(Non-surgical spinal decompression) has given me hope to continue a more normal life. Surgery always has its complications.

Nelda Lopez – Bookkeeper - Round Rock

I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Dr. Minors at chiroFX. When I came in for a consultation for intense pain I was having in my hip I could barely walk. Following his advice, my hip was, and has remained, completely pain free.

Diane Baker - Tarrytown

Surgery was not an option as I knew people who were not better off after having it. I was skeptical of spinal decompression for years until I realized I had nothing to lose. After about a dozen treatments, which also included an individualized treatment exercise program, the numbness and tingling significantly diminished. I can now continue an active lifestyle, and avoid surgery, all at a rate much less than having surgery and missing work.

SM - Westlake Hills

When I started to use the DRX 9000, it felt perfectly into that area where I felt the release (where the serious pain was) and the space came back between my vertebrae and as soon as I stood up after my first visit, I felt I was standing straight again. And my back felt so much happier to have that tension taken off of that area. Without the DRX, I wouldn’t have been able to go back and continue competing.

Darren Shapiro – Professional Surfer