Dealing With Injuries In Sports With Chiropractic Care

Injuries in sports can be serious as they can be career ending and at the least can put the team at a disadvantage given your temporary absence. As an athlete, you have to be extra cautious about your form and overall physical fitness. Despite the best care and attention, injuries are common and can happen to anyone. Of course, you will have to see a doctor, but if you are keen on speeding up the recovery process, you need to consider other options. For the longest time, chiropractic care has helped athletes in doing better in their respective sport. In this post, we will discuss the use of chiropractic care for dealing with sports injuries.

Treating with a Chiropractor

Let’s agree on one thing – You cannot afford unwanted downtime as an athlete. In such cases, medications can be essential and cannot be avoided. However, if you visit a chiropractor, you can reduce the recovery time considerably. With chiropractic care, they will find the cause of your problem and not just what’s causing your pain, as those can be two different things. Also, their ability to evaluate and treat you goes beyond the spine as they will evaluate and treat the shoulders, hands, hips, knees, ankle and feet, if needed.

What to Expect?

As mentioned above, chiropractors perform a thorough evaluation, orthopedic and neurological, after getting your history. They then will determine what diagnostics are appropriate for you, such as x-rays, MRI, CT scan or blood work. For the best results, the chiropractor will work closely with the doctor and therapist, if there are any and they will also sit down with you and explain their findings and make you a partner in coming up with a treatment plan that suits you best and your lifestyle.

The treatment plans and procedures for sports injuries differ considerably, as you must consider the patient’s treatment goals, their lifestyle, their timeframe for returning to their sport of choice. Your chiropractor will take the necessary steps to ensure your wellness. In order to expedite your recovery, your treatment plan might include therapies such as spinal decompression, ARP Wave therapy, cold laser therapy and specific home exercises. Also, you will get assistance and help on improving your posture, form, workstation ergonomics and range of motion.

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