Quick Fact Sheet Worth Knowing About Spinal Decompression

Over the years, the medical world has found a whole range of treatment choices for patients dealing with chronic back and neck pain. In many cases, patients often rely on pain meds for the longest time to reduce the pain, while others go for surgery, which carry several risks. However, these aren’t the only ways to deal with years/months of back and neck pain. One of the alternate options is spinal decompression, which can skip the need for both surgical intervention and extensive use of meds.

Knowing the Procedure

Spinal decompression is a painless procedure as many patients take a nap. It creates negative pressure in the concerned disc(s), enabling better absorption of nutrients, fluid and blood. The negative pressure can reverse the degenerative/desiccation of the bulging disc enough to take pressure off the affected nerve. Spinal decompression is considered safe and can be a great choice for long term relief from back pain for patients aiming at a better quality of life.

How Does Spinal Decompression Work?

chiroFX, we work extensively with patients of all ages, offering them several therapies, including spinal decompression. This procedure uses a computer-guided machine at the direction of a well-trained therapist to make sure the proper poundage and angle are being used for your neck or low back, with the intention of reducing the nerve pressure and increasing disc height. This can offer the patient better range of motion and reduce the overall pain.

Is Spinal Decompression Meant for Me?

If you are dealing with a disc herniation, facet syndrome, pinched spinal nerves and degenerative disc disease, spinal decompression can be of benefit. Our therapists and experts will take all the adequate steps to ensure your comfort during the treatment, and in many cases, patients have fallen asleep. We would, however, like to add here that in many cases, more than a few sessions of spinal decompression may be needed for relief. Our experts will explain all the details concerning yourindividual treatment plan, so you feel confident that your problem is being properly addressed.

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